300P Shop Kit


The LITE-CHECK 300P Shop Kit provides a convenient mounting platform for your 920 tester. The Shop Kit package includes:

The air hoses and glad hands are leak tested to provide a service ready solution upon delivery. The lower shelf of the cart is pre-drilled to allow mounting of a LITE-CHECK 313S filtered and regulated 20 amp power supply.

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301M Service Truck Kit

The LITE-CHECK 301M Service Truck Kit provides the key components necessary to use your your LITE-CHECK tester in a mobile application.Includes:

The air hoses and glad hands are leak tested to provide a service ready solution upon delivery.

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Truck Kit
Brake and Clutch Pedal Actuator


The LITE-CHECK 330A Pedal Actuators that make up the
LITE-CHECK Truck Kit allow you to operate service brake or clutch pedals using the remote control or control panel of any air enabled LITE-CHECK tester. Simply place the actuator pad on the brake
pedal and ratchet the hook extension to engage the steering wheel. Insert the airline connector to the Service Air output on the front of a LITE-CHECK tester. Now, energize the pedal actuator by pressing
the brake button on the remote control, or directly from the tester's control panel. With the LITE-CHECK Truck Kit, brake inspections become one person operations on busses, tractors, straight trucks
and combinations.

Details: Pneumatic hose length is 10'.

Model 330A: The most common model, the 330A, utilizes a precision pneumatic cylinder with a 1" bore, and produces approximately 70 pounds of application force at the standard 90 to 95 psi Service Air pressure delivered by LITE-CHECK testers.

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Extra Shop Cart

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Remote In a Pouch

Neck Pouch
Convenient Pocket for your Remote Control

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Air Hoses & Glad Hands

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Extra Remote Control

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