Advanced Heavy-Duty Manufacturing, Product Development, and 121 Brake Timing

Presenting the industry standard, heavy-duty commercial vehicle test station for complete electrical, air brake, ABS, and 121 brake timing end-of-line testing from LITE-CHECK. With its state-of-the-art software and hardware, many operations are automatically performed and recorded and included in the end-of-line report.

Drastically reduce warranty costs and testing time with one tool while increasing customer satisfaction by providing consistent and reliable production and inspection results.

The Certifier 1200 platform features a wireless hub with high-performance wheel sensors, an advanced electronic platform, user-friendly operating system, ergonomic workstation design, and easy-to-read reports.

The Certifier 1200 (powered by 120 VAC) is the best
single-solution brake testing equipment for both tractor and trailer brake systems. The Certifier 1200 software takes over routine testing tasks and eliminates operator error while providing reliable reporting. It directly identifies ABS, air-brake, and electrical faults through your 12VDC 7-way round pin-equipped tractor/trailer via the workstation controls and provides full-control from the tablet.

Far more than FMVSS 121 brake timing is under your control, the Certifier 1200 is a complete lighting, air-brake, and ABS tester that automates operations for quick, consistent results. ABS and related end-of-the-line programs come pre-installed. Managers have full control with customizable test procedures and thresholds to meet their organization’s unique needs.

Test reports include advanced electrical, air, and ABS conditions. Photos and notes can be taken and are automatically attached to reports for easy documentation and review.

electrical circuit testing

  • Constant display of circuit voltage and amperage

  • Automatic fault detection with clear fault identification

  • Full-function remote control through tablet, speeds visual inspections

  • TMC 141 trailer electrical load test

  • All test data recorded

  • Locally stored test data is easily referenced later

air system testing

  • Automatic air-leak detection with alarm and live digital display of results

  • FMVSS/CMVSS 121 brake timing test

  • Air differential test for towing vehicles

  • Emergency brake set test

  • Brake balance test

  • All test data automatically recorded

  • Locally stored test data is easily referenced later

printed & electronic

  • Automatically date & time stamped test data

  • Test Station ID and location included in reports

  • Captured operator information

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) saved to report

  • Custom fields for customer and vehicle specs

  • Manual and automatic test data included

self-test &
abs functions

  • Automatically calibrates air-sensor

  • Air-leak test

  • 121 Calibration and brake timing testing

  • System ISO certification routines

  • Configure ABS ECU’s using manufacturer’s software

  • Verify ABS Operation

  • Record ABS data and combine with master test results

  • Pass and fail reporting

Product Documents

certifier 1200




Certifier 1200 Works With

Sample PASS Certifier Report

Sample FAIL Certifier Report

Test Screen

Our Certifier 1200
Displays The Following

Test Status (Pass or Fail)

Live Sensor Measurements 
for pressure at the front and rear of trailer

Air Pressure In The System

Graph Of Air Pressure
Difference Over Time

Sample Electrical
Test Screen

Our Certifier 1200
Displays The Following

Electrical Test Time + Status

Short Description 
further identifies short location and type of short

Test Status

Circuit To Circuit Short 

with an easy to read,
graphical reference

Sample User Interface
Test Screen

Our Certifier 1200
Displays The Following

Air Output is easily identified

Vehicle Identification and Information 
will be included on reports

Individual Circtuit Test
Information + Status

Easily Select Which Tests
You Need To Run

Manually Control Each
Electrical Circuit

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