Inspector 920
Electrical / Air / ABS Tester


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Displaying ECU Information


The Inspector 920 is a complete, all-in-one trailer diagnostic system for ABS, brakes, and electrical testing providing the ability for one technician to perform a full inspection in one trip around the trailer. 

The most advanced trailer diagnostic systems to Increase productivity, reduce costs with accurate troubleshooting and diagnostics, improve the quality of inspections and repairs, and drive consistent processes through your shop or shops.

The Advanced ABS diagnostic trailer tester with brake and light testing takes the guesswork out of trailer repairs.

This next generation trailer tester is easy to use by every technician within a fraction of time with clear accurate digital messages. The LITE-CHECK 3-Step ABS Process will cut ABS troubleshooting time in determining ABS problems.

The Inspector 920 includes all of the PLC ABS codes dating from 2001 and with the latest Roll Stability codes eliminating multiple operations and tools in one simple process. The tester automatically identifies the ABS ECU issues and displays the necessary information to make repairs.

The Inspector 920 will simplify your trailer inspections with a 4 minute walk around to check the lights, brakes and ABS operation using the LITE-CHECK Full Function Remote Control.

Check out the Inspector 920 complete trailer tester incorporating TMC recommended practices and Federal vehicle requirements to meet your CSA standards.


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920 Firmware Update Procedure
920 Firmware Update Download 3.0.2
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