137 Truck & Trailer output tester

Model 137 tester

A simple solution to test the electrical and air output of tractors, trailers, and dollies including:

The Model 137 Tractor output tester is designed to meet TMC's Recommended practices 137, 619B, 141, and requirements.

Very easy to use by connecting the tractor 7w cable and 2 air lines and operating the tractor controls for 3 to 5 minutes.

The Model 137 uses the tractor power as a power source to display circuit conditions with an automatic pass/fail.

Also designed for trailer and dolly output testing for troubleshooting circuit and air delivery issues.

Tractor Output Testing

The 137 Truck tester uses the recommendation of RP 137C to provide up to 15 amperes of load on the Tractor/Truck 7-way connection while measuring the voltage on all active circuits. This helps determine if the Tractor/Truck's alternator and wiring are capable of supplying sufficient voltage for ABS operation in the trailer while under electrical load.

Trailer or Dolly output testing

Connect the Model 137 to the trailer or dolly output connections to verify correct operations using either the tractor or or the LITE-CHECK INSPECTOR 920.