Lighting & Electrical Testers

Automated Trailer Tester: Lighting & Electrical Systems


Commercial Trailer Tester 12 volt DC output
12 volt DC or 110 AC input power is required

The LITE-CHECK Pro-Check is a rugged, lightweight, and low cost family of computer controlled trailer testers. LITE-CHECK's patented active diagnostic system takes the mystery out of identifying electrical problems in trailers by directly identifying each specific type of electrical wiring fault and the specific electrical circuits that they are present on Each fault is identified on the
Pro-Check's digital display as an Open Circuit, Open Ground, Short (w/ all circuits identified), or Chassis Ground. An audible alarm sounds whenever a fault is present in a circuit that is being tested, and the alarms are unique for each type of fault. The Pro-Check is available in three distinct models:

The Pro-Check 720 comes with a 7-way "round-pin" connector, standard remote, and is well suited for rapid inspections of commercial trailers. The Pro-Check 720 (PC720) is powered by a 12 volt DC power source, while the Pro-Check 720AC contains a built-in 12 Volt DC regulated power supply allowing it to be connected directly to an AC outlet (PC720AC)


Utility Trailer Tester 12 volt DC output
12 volt DC input is required

The Pro-check 725 comes with a 7-way "flat-pin" connector, optional remote, and works best with medium / light-duty trailers, such as U-haul trailers. The Pro-Check 725 (PC725) is powered by a 12 volt DC power source.

Electric trailer brake support is built into the Pro-Check 725:
Onboard battery voltage is displayed, and brakes are activated along with the trailer's brake lights.


Pro-Check 724 requires a 24 volt DC power source.

Quick, easy and reliable trailer testing is possible with LITE-CHECK - the leader in economical, technician-friendly test equipment. Our proven electrical test automates your trailer light inspection increasing you efficiency and accuracy in the military field.

The LITE-CHECK 724 directly identifies electrical faults in you 24VDC 12-way 6 circuit equipped military trailer via base unit control and full-function remote control.

This single solution completely automates the process of checking electrical circuits in your trailer. More than an electrical test, the LITE-CHECK 724 makes testing trailer lights on 24VDC military tactical trailers a quick and simple press of a button. There is no easier, more accurate way of testing electrical circuits. When you need a light check, you need LITE-CHECK!

Power Requirements:


  • DC Power Supply
  • Additional Remote Control Units
  • Remote Control Neck Pouch
  • Cables (various lengths)

What Comes in the Box

  • Pro-Check 720, 724 or 725 Tester
  • Remote Control with "high-visibility" neck pouch
    (optional with 725)
  • Owner's Manual
  • One Year Warranty that includes software updates and phone support