Verifier Software

Verifier Software

Complete Control Of Your Fleet Inspections, Status, Maintenance, and Diagnostics

Introducing the Verifier Fleet Maintenance Management Solution. This system consists of the a trailer interface tool and tire probe/pressure tool that are controlled by and communicate with a tablet with up to 150′ of range. This system walks technicians through the inspection process and sends all collected data to the cloud where inspection results and collected data can be archived, accessed, printed, and analyzed.


Verifier Features Include:

  • Simplifed Consistent Process:
  • Fully-Digital Inspection + Reporting System

  • DOT Certified + Exceeds TMC Standards

  • Real-Time Data + Reports 24/7/365

  • Monitor Fleet Status, History, Road Ready + Out Of Service Reports

  • Customize Personalized Brake, ABS + Lighting Inspections

  • Tire Testing Inspection Program

  • Manage Technicians + Workflow 

  • Print, Download and Share Inspection Reports


Our Verified Reports Show:

  • Inspection Dates, Times
  • How Long The Inspection Took To Perform
  • Type Of Inspection Report
  • Is Stated Clearly DOT, OOS or Road Ready
  • Work Order Numbers Are Referenced If Used for billing + hourly allotment
  • Inspecting Technician Information With Signed Compliance Statement
  • Identification Of The Testing Product Used For Inspection
  • ABS Conditions Are Read + Displayed Automatically manufacturer, systems (voltage + configuration), serial number, mileage + status
  • Air Conditions Are Read + Displayed Automatically
  • thresholds are customizable
  • Circuit Conditions Are Read + Data Included Automatically
  • Brake Stroke Is Measured
  • Check The Overall Condition + Tread Of Tires


Are You Looking For...

    Simplified Vehicle Diagnostics:
    A single technician can complete a thorough DOT trailer inspection including advanced ABS, electrical, lights, air, and brakes, in less than 30 minutes.

    Real-Time On-Demand Data:
    Inspection report data is visible to managers immediately upon submission. Configurable reports can be generated on demand to identify any and all issues.

    Secure Cloud Storage & Access 24/7:
    All data submitted through the VERIFIER system is stored securely in the cloud. Data can be viewed and downloadedfrom any PC, tablet, or smartphone with internet.

    Streamlined Consistent Results: 
    The VERIFIER system provides organizations the ability to create consistent reports, inspections, and repairs, even between multiple shops.

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