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SuperTech 2014 Video


Mark McLean jr., 24, Gardner, N.Y.
2014 SuperTech Nationals Grand Champion

LITE-CHECK is always proud and willing to lend a helping hand in all SuperTech competitions. Whether it's just lending Inspector 920 testers to the competition, helping out with test stations or both. If there is anyway LITE-CHECK can help out, we will
always try to make sure that we do. Our knowledgeable sales force is always looking forward to getting a call from the SuperTech competition holders asking for help.
LITE-CHECK has helped out with 3 competitions so far: The Montana State
SuperTech competition
, the Oklahoma State SuperTech competition and the
2014 SuperTech Nationals. Our sales force loves every minute of it and cant wait to help out at your next competition.

If you would like to request more info on how LITE-CHECK can help out with your next SuperTech competition, Click Here to get in touch with Todd Potter or Steve Woodbeck.

We look forward to hearing from you!