Brake Application


Inspector 920
Roll Stability Testing

The Inspector 920 Advanced ABS diagnostics trailer tester with brake and lighting testing takes the guess work of trailer repairs. This next generation trailer tester is easy to use by every technician with clear and accurate digital display messages. The
LITE-CHECK 3-Step ABS Process will cut ABS troubleshooting time in determining ABS problems. With the full function remote control, trailer inspections for lights, brakes and ABS operation can be done with one person in a 4 minute walk around!


The Lite-Check 1010 VERIFIER provides a high speed trailer diagnostic and inspection device that produces advanced diagnostic data of a trailer's ABS, RSS, brakes, electrical, air, lights, and more. Additionally the Verifier provides the ability to conduct a fully compliant DOT inspection using TMC recommended practices and FHMA guidelines, or a fully customized PM inspection, with one tech and one pass around the trailer. The inspection, report, and information gets uploaded to your secure company cloud-based account.

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