Why Lite-Check Products?


As governmental mandates continue to emerge, the requirement for scheduled safety analysis and record keeping has created urgency for LITE-CHECK products. LITE-CHECK patented innovative products benefit the operator in more ways than merely providing an integrated diagnostic tool. The LITE-CHECK products aid in the speed, ease and accuracy of the vehicle systems diagnosis. With a LITE-CHECK tester a documented record can be provided to enhance and assist in warranty and liability resolutions.

In addition to requirements for safety analysis, vehicle technology is continuing to emerge and change. Anti-lock brakes are mandated today; electronic brakes are not far behind. The future will old new technology. These new technological advances manufactured into these vehicles can no longer be tested with “home grown” methods. LITE-CHECK products meet and exceed all the Technical Maintenance Council’s (TMC) published criteria for vehicle maintenance tools and practices. LITE-CHECK employees are dedicated to enabling their products to become universal for all brake manufacturers.

LITE-CHECK products are the answer to the needs in the trucking industry: