Who is Lite-Check?

Headquartered in Spokane, WA, Lite-Check is a leader in providing tools for trucking industry safety diagnosis. The company designs, manufactures and markets a range of testers, which are used to test and diagnose the braking and lighting systems of heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Lite-Check has supplied over 1000 transportation companies with a solution to diagnose vehicle brakes, lights, and ABS. Its customers include trucking leaders in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and overseas. This impressive customer base includes trailer manufacturers, fleets, truck and trailer service shops, Government agencies, and the United States Military.

Founded in 1986, Lite-Check was the first company to offer electronic testers for commercial trailers. Lite-Check product development has been driven by the needs of its customers. The first product of its kind was manufactured for the California Highway Patrol to improve inspection productivity and diagnosis reliability. Because of continued technological advancements in braking and lighting systems. Lite-Check products have evolved into products that truck and trailer manufacturers and maintenance shops cannot do without.

Why Lite-Check Products

As governmental mandates continue to emerge, the requirement for scheduled safety analysis and record keeping has created urgency for LITE-CHECK products. LITE-CHECK patented innovative products benefit the operator in more ways than merely providing an integrated diagnostic tool. The LITE-CHECK products aid in the speed, ease and accuracy of the vehicle systems diagnosis. With a LITE-CHECK tester a documented record can be provided to enhance and assist in warranty and liability resolutions.

In addition to requirements for safety analysis, vehicle technology is continuing to emerge and change. Anti-lock brakes are mandated today; electronic brakes are not far behind. The future will hold new technology. These new technological advances manufactured into these vehicles can no longer be tested with “home grown” methods. LITE-CHECK products meet and exceed all the Technical Maintenance Council’s (TMC) published criteria for vehicle maintenance tools and practices. LITE-CHECK employees are dedicated to enabling their products to become universal for all brake manufacturers.

Answering The Trucking Industry's Needs

Simple & Easy-To-Use

Lite-Check products are easy to use and easy to understand. No extensive training is required.


Lite-Check products incorporate remotes and give a single technician the ability to easily complete tasks which may have taken multiple technicians without the products.

Accurate Results

Lite-Check products speed up locating and provide directions on how to fix malfunctions.

Documented Record

Lite-Check products lower liability claims by providing accurate and documented records of malfunctions.

Easily Upgradable

With our easily up-gradable products, you'll always have the latest firmware and software available to help diagnose any ABS issue you may be facing.


It works great! We have cut our pm time per trailer in half. Having the ability to access the ABS info is awesome. We have installed the update and haven't had any issues.
I am glad I decided to spend the extra money and get the Inspector 920 instead of the other brands we were looking at.
You have a great product.

Corporate Maintenance SupervisorIndiana

My impression of the tester is a lot less important than the facts that drove me to purchase it.The equipment purchased for the initial location has had 0 issues in the first year of use, that's why we bought the rest of them.
The tester removes the electronic/diagnostic skill level from the equation; anyone who can run the tester can make informed, skilled decisions on brake/lighting/ABS systems.
The tester is portable so it can be used in a yard, off-site, or in any area of the shop.
One mechanic can test the systems without assistance or another vehicle, as long as you have an air supply and DC power. This increases productivity and flexibility of work schedule.
The most important thing we do is service brakes, followed by steering, then tires. This allows us to focus a little more time on the other two training opportunities, making our program better.
In closing, the mechanics love using it, and (it) makes them more confident their inspections are better using it.

Carl, Fleet ManagerOhio

(The Inspector) saved us a couple hours the other day with its ABS alone. The payback is going to be much faster than first calculated, about month or two

Chris, Safety & Maintenance Director of 700+ TrailersSouth Carolina

With one person being able to inspect and adjust brakes using the remote control, the proper inspection and necessary repairs are more likely to be done, and done right, which in turn will help prevent excessive component wear. Our biggest benefit of using the LITE-CHECK tester is efficiency. Also, an accurate timely diagnosis helps us deliver a good maintenance program.

Mike, Shop ManagerMinnesota

We use the tester for just about every trailer repair and PM that we do. The diagnostics that it gives is also helpful to the less experienced tech. He is able to find the problem area faster and make repairs right the 1st time.

Paul, Manager, AAA, over 10,000 Vehicles InspectedGeorgetown, Kentucky