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Inspector 925

The Inspector 925 trailer tester is a complete, all-in-one trailer diagnostic system which simplifies ABS, brakes, air, lights, and electrical testing. It provides the ability for a single technician to perform a full inspection in one trip around the trailer.

Product Description

The INSPECTOR 925 tests ABS, brakes, lights, air, and electrical. Our diagnostic trailer tester removes all of the guesswork from trailer repairs.

This next generation trailer tester with clear and accurate digital diagnostic messages, requires minimum training. It automates the 3-step ABS process, which drastically cuts down ABS troubleshooting time.

All post 2001 PLC ABS codes are included with the INSPECTOR along with the latest roll stability codes from the leading manufacturers. This incorporation combines multiple operations and tools into a single simple process. The INSPECTOR automatically identifies the ABS ECU, any issues, and displays manufacturer recommended repairs in a simple four-line textual display. This eliminates the need to read blink codes and flip through numerous manuals to determine what the problem may be and what the recommended fix is.

Product Details

  • Tractor Output Test: No Load

  • Air System Testing

  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections

  • Circuit Identification

  • Lighting & Electrical Circuit Testing

  • Assess Available Power

  • Analog Pressure Gauges

Tests The Following

Tractor Output Test: No Load, Air System Testing, Preventative Maintenance Inspections, Analog Pressure Gauges, Circuit Identification, Lighting & Electrical Circuit Testing, Assess Available Power

Product Warranty Information

LITE-CHECK products have a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor against manufacturing defects. All warranty services are to be performed at LITE-CHECK, Spokane, Washington. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.


Available Accessories For The Inspector 925 

Inspector 925 Remote
Inspector 925 Membrane
Pedal Actuator
Rocker Switch
7-Way Socket
Air Gauge
Antenna Cable
1/4" Air Filter Regulator WO/ Bracket
20 FT. Emergency Air Hose w/ Glad-hands
sq-service-truck-kit - Copy.jpg
20 FT 301M Service Truck Kit
Shop-Cart-sq - Copy.jpg
Shop Cart
Inspector 925 Membrane
20 FT 7-Way Cable
1/4" Air Filter Regulator W/ Bracket
1/4" 8 FT. Emergency Air Hose W/ Glad-hands
8 FT. 7-Way Cable

Dimensions and Specifications


The tester is designed for negative ground vehicles (black-negative, red-positive). In case of reversed battery leads on the power cable, the tester will not operate.

Power Supply Set Up:
Attach the battery cable clamps (or ring terminals) to a 12Vdc automotive battery, or a regulated power supply (such as the LITE-CHECK 311R).​ Turn the power switch located on the back panel of the tester on for operation.

Low Battery Messages:
NOTE: The tester will not work properly if the battery is not charged to a full 12+volts. The tester will not operate and will possibly lock up if the power is below 10.5 volts.

Features and Benefits

Increased Productivity

One person doing one trip around the trailer with one tool. Increase the efficiency of the inspection or repair on trailers. This reduces downtime and gets the trailer back on the road.

Accurate Diagnostics

The Lite-Check Inspector 920 Trailer Tester provides technicians with more data leading to improved accuracy in diagnosing and completing repairs. This alleviates the “trying a fix.” Technicians will know exactly what the problem was, what caused it, and how to fix it directly from the Inspector 920’s easily read display.

Improved Quality

When the technicians have more information about trailer ABS, electrical circuits and brake application, they can find the small issues before they become a major problems. This reduces the road costs and DOT violations.

Minimal Training Required

The Inspector 920 trailer tester’s 4-line display provides technicians with easily followed instructions. This allows technicians of all levels to diagnose and repair ABS issues at an expert level. Online training videos available 24/7/365.

Increased Accuracy

Give the technicians more information so faults are repaired correctly the first time. Lowering the maintenance costs by reducing the amount of parts getting replaced waiting for the fault to go away.

More Information

When the techs have more information about the ABS, electrical circuits and brake application, they can find the small faults before they become a major issue. This reduces the road costs and DOT violations.