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Introducing the 137 Tractor and Trailer Output Tester

By January 1, 2017 No Comments

137 Tractor and Trailer Output Tester Introduction

137 Truck and Trailer Output Tester

LITE-CHECK is introducing another innovative product for testing the tractor electrical and air delivery to the trailer.  The Model 137 TRACTOR OUTPUT TESTER is designed to meet TMC’s Recommended Practices #137, #619B, 141, and 144 requirements.

Very easy to use by connecting the tractor 7w cable and 2 air lines and operating the tractor controls for a 3to5 minute operation.  The Model 137 uses the tractor power as a power source to display circuit conditions with an automatic pass/fail to remove guesswork. Contact LITE-CHECK at 1-800-343-8579 for more information