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Lite-Check Certifier 912 Upgrade

By November 17, 2017 No Comments

The Certifier 912 Upgrade

LITE-CHECK has a Certifier 912 Upgrade available that will breathe new life and provide new features for your tester. We have listened to you about the operating features and have collected repair history over the past 10 years. Instead of waiting for a tester breakdown which impacts your production, consider a planned upgrade to give years of additional life and incorporate an improved operating system with training.

  • A newly designed GUI Operating System Rev 4.11 with a new look and more features
  • Customize with your letterhead on a professional looking certified report
  • Vehicle fail messages with flags assisting the technician with corrective actions
  • Save certified reports to a database that can be accessed by VIN, customer
  • User friendly with automatic processes
  • Receive GUI updates with internet download
  • Replace air manifold system with new air components
  • Ensure the tester is meeting 121 air brake specifications
  • Replace all electronic boards with state-of-the-art electronics in tester and HUB
  • High resolution for reading LED lamps
  • Installation and training at your facility
  • Eliminate shipping and time down of tester
  • Provide refresher training
  • Share 10 years of our experience
  • Review ISO procedures

Regardless of the number of tests per week, you depend on the Certifier 912 and a breakdown impacts your production schedule with considerable costs. A planned Certifier 912 Upgrade will add years to an expensive tool and improve the performance.

Call (800) 343-8579 and ask for Skyler Davis or Russ Barton  or request a no obligations call from our technical services team.