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Here are some of our favorite Lite-Check Products!

Although we are not producing anymore of them, we are still servicing and providing accessories and replacement parts.

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certifier 912

Presenting a vehicle test station for electrical, air brake, ABS, and 121 brake timing End-Of-Line testing from LITE-CHECK, the leader in economical, technician-friendly test equipment. With state of the art software and hardware automatic operations are recorded for a complete printed report of the vehicle’s electrical and air system.

Primarily for OEM’s, you will reduce your warranty costs and testing time with one tool, and increase your customer satisfaction by providing consistent and reliable results.

The Certifier 912 (powered by 120 VAC) is your best single-solution brake testing equipment for both tractor and trailer brake systems. The Certifier 912 software takes over the routine testing tasks and eliminates operator errors for reliable reports. It directly identifies ABS air brake and electrical faults in your 12VDC 7-way round pin-equipped tractor/trailer via base unit control and full-function remote control.

More than FMVSS 121 brake timing under your control, the Certifier 912 is a complete lighting, air brake, and ABS tester that automates the operation for quick, consistent results. ABS and related end-of-the-line programs come pre-installed into the supplied computer. 

inspector 920

The INSPECTOR 920 test ABS, brakes, lights, air, and electrical. Our diagnostic trailer tester removes all guesswork from trailer repairs.

These trailer tester provide you with clear and accurate digital diagnostic messages, requires minimum training. This system automates the 3-step ABS process which drastically cuts down ABS troubleshooting time.

All post 2001 PLC ABS codes are included with the INSPECTOR along with the latest roll stability codes from the leading manufacturers. This incorporation combines multiple operations and tools into a single simple process. The INSPECTOR automatically identifies the ABS ECU, any issues, and displays manufacturer recommended repairs in a simple four-line textual display. This eliminates the need to read blink codes and flip through numerous manuals to determine what the problem may be and what the recommended fix is.

verifier 1010

The VERIFIER is the ideal solution for mobile inspection and service trucks. The VERIFIER 1010 features bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity, accurate electrical, air and tire measurements and the ability to create custom inspections and operating procedures. Reports are automatically generated and available as they are produced through the easily navigable cloud site where visitors can read, print, and use the collected
data to create preventative maintenance plans.

Lite-Check’s VERIFIER Trailer Inspection System is the industry’s first full-featured digital inspection
system for collecting, organizing, storing and printing complete trailer inspection reports. Utilizing TMC recommended practices and FHWA guidelines, DOT compliant reports are generated immediately upon capturing electric, air and ABS data after one easy pass around a trailer.

v1010-2 (1).jpg


Electrical issues and the circuit affected are identified for easy diagnosis and repair. In addition, The Evaluator 740 safely tests circuits for these shorts with micro-bursts of voltage instead of a constant feed, alleviating the “smoke test” produced with other methods.  Electrical issues are identified as circuit to circuit shorts, open circuits, open grounds, and chassis shorts.

In addition to fully testing electrical circuits, all major ABS manufacturer fault codes are displayed on an easy to read, 4-line LCD screen. Also, ALL faults (stored and active) are available for technicians to use for diagnosis and repair. Simplify your ABS diagnostics with one tester rather than dealing with blink code or multiple devices.