Evaluator 740
  • Evaluator 740

    The Evaluator 740 is the perfect trailer tester for trailer electrical system, lighting and ABS diagnosis.


    Electrical issues and the circuit affected are identified for easy diagnosis and repair. In addition, The Evaluator 740 safely tests circuits for these shorts with micro-bursts of voltage instead of a constant feed, alleviating the “smoke test” produced with other methods.  Electrical issues are identified as circuit to circuit shorts, open circuits, open grounds, and chassis shorts.


    In addition to fully testing electrical circuits, all major ABS manufacturer fault codes are displayed on an easy to read, 4-line LCD screen. Also, ALL faults (stored and active) are available for technicians to use for diagnosis and repair. Simplify your ABS diagnostics with one tester rather than dealing with blink code or multiple devices.


    The Evaluator 740 includes a full function remote control and is available as AC (110vac) or DC (battery power) models.

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      Increased Productivity

      One person doing one trip around the trailer with one tool. Increases the efficiency of the inspection or repair on trailers. This reduces downtime and gets the trailer back on the road.


      Accurate Diagnostics

      The Lite-Check Evaluator 740 Trailer Tester provides technicians with more data, leading to improved accuracy in diagnosing and completing repairs. This alleviates the “trying a fix.” Technicians will know exactly what the problem was and what caused it directly from the Evaluator 740’s easily read display.


      Improved Quality

      When the technicians have more information about trailer ABS and electrical circuitry, they can find small issues before they become a major problems. This reduces the road costs and DOT violations.


      Increased Accuracy

      The LITE-CHECK, Evaluator 740 provides technicians fault information via audible alarm and an easily read digital screen so technicians can easily identify a fault’s location and applicable fix.


      Streamlined Electrical Inspections

      With the included remote control, a single technician can perform a complete 360° visual inspection.


      Minimal Training

      The Evaluator 740’s use is straightforward and intuitive, providing shops with minimal downtime due to training.


      Electrical Short Identification

      Accurately identifies each fault and presents on digital display. Taking the guess work out for the technician, shortening diagnostic time.

      Identifiable Electrical Shorts

      • Open Circuit
      • Open Ground
      • Short (w/ all circuits identified)
      • Chassis Ground

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