Pro-Check Trailer Electrical and Light Tester

The Ultimate Trailer Light Tester with Electrical Circuit Diagnosis

Pro-Check trailer light testers are rugged, lightweight, and economical. They independently test each electrical circuit on a trailer to ensure proper connectivity. The Pro-Check identifies each specific type of electrical wiring fault. Lite-Check’s patented active diagnostic system takes the guesswork out of identifying trailer light and electrical problems. The Pro-Check commercial trailer light tester with electrical circuit diagnostics, not only identifies faults, but the specific circuit the fault is on. Faults are identified as “Open Circuit”, “Open Ground”, “Short” (w/all circuits identified), or “Chassis Ground”. Audible alarms alert technicians to found electrical faults.

Available in three versions, the Pro-Check  trailer light tester is the ultimate commercial trailer light and electrical tester.

The Pro-Check 720  trailer light testers include a 7-way “round-pin” connector, remote control, and provides rapid light and electrical testing of commercial trailers. The Pro-Check 720 is available in either 12-volt DC or 110-volt AC

The Pro-Check 725  trailer light testers include a 7-way “flat-pin” connector and remote control. The Pro-Check 725 is best suited for testing medium and light-duty trailers (utility trailers). Powered by a 12-volt DC power source, the Pro-Check 725 has an on-board battery voltage display and activates trailer brakes for as long as the trailer’s brake lights are being tested.

Features and Benefits

Improved Quality

Pro-Check products provide technicians with more information than available through switch boxes. The Pro-Check both identifies the fault and where it is so technicians can accurately and rapidly make repairs and get trailers back in service.

Circuit Identification

Accurately identifies circuit which has a fault. This allows the technician to efficiently fix the circuit with minimal time invested.

Accurate Battery Readings

The PRO-CHECK 725 makes troubleshooting brake-battery issues easy.

Increased Accuracy

The LITE-CHECK, PRO-CHECK 720 provides technicians fault information via audible alarm and an easily read digital screen so technicians can easily identify a fault’s location and applicable fix.

Streamlined Electrical Inspections

With the included remote control, a single technician can perform a complete 360° visual inspection while the PRO-CHECK automates a complete circuitry test.

Minimal Training

The PRO-CHECK’s use is straightforward and intuitive, providing shops with minimal downtime due to training.

Fault Identification

Accurately identifies each fault and presents on digital display. Taking the guess work out for the technician, shortening diagnostic time.

Identifiable Faults

  • Open Circuit
  • Open Ground
  • Short (w/ all circuits identified)
  • Chassis Ground

Power Requirements

Pro-Check, trailer light testers operate on DC power. This makes them suitable for use in shop and mobile environments. A battery or regulated DC power supply is required. Unregulated power supplies such as power inverter or battery charger should not be used as they may cause damage to the trailer being tested or the tester itself.

The AC version of the Pro-Check 720 trailer light tester has a built in regulated DC power supply so it can be plugged directly into a 110 volt, 3-prong power supply.

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