Training Materials

Lite-Check Inspector 920 Training and Operations

Training on the Lite-Check Inspector 920 including operations, functions, air, electrical, and ABS Testing operations.

Download Inspector 920 Training & Operations

Trailer Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Overview of a Trailer PMI requirements, goals, tools, and what to expect.

Download Trailer PMI Training

FMCSA Air Brake Pushrod Measurement Training Bulletin

Pushrod stroke measurement procedure described in the CVSA North American Standard Level I Inspection Procedure and the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria.

Download FMCSA Training Bulletin

CVSA - Antilock Brake System (ABS) Inspections

This Inspection Bulletin provides guidance for inspecting the antilock brake system (ABS) on a bus, truck, truck tractor, trailer or dolly during a roadside inspection, and for identifying when a vehicle is in violation.

Download CVSA ABS Inspection Bulletin

Identification of non-leaking seal versus leaking seal

Tech Tip #49 from Stemco regarding seepage found on the backside of Stemco seals.

Download Identification of Non-Leaking vs. Leaking Seals