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Verifier 1020

Introducing the Verifier Fleet Maintenance Management Solution. This system consists of a trailer interface, tire tool for pressure and tread depth, and an Android tablet with up to 150' of connectivity. This system walks technicians through the inspection process and sends all collected data to the cloud where inspection results and collected data can be archived, accessed, printed, and analyzed.

Product Description

The VERIFIER is the ideal solution for mobile inspection and service trucks. The VERIFIER 1020 features Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity, accurate electrical, air and tire measurements and the ability to create custom inspections and operating procedures. Reports are automatically generated and available as they are produced through the easily navigable cloud site where visitors can read, print, and use the collected data to create preventative maintenance plans.

Lite-Check’s VERIFIER Trailer Inspection System is the industry’s first full-featured digital inspection system for collecting, organizing, storing and printing complete trailer inspection reports. Utilizing TMC recommended practices and FHWA guidelines, DOT compliant reports are generated immediately upon capturing electric, air and ABS data after one easy pass around a trailer.

The Verifier 1020 works along side with our Verifier Fleet Inspection Management Software

Product Details

The Verifier 1020 does everything the Inspector 925 does plus:​

  • Automated Inspection of lights, air brakes, ABS

  • Customizable Inspections

  • Digital/paperless reports

  • DOT reports for Tractors & Trailers

  • Hazmat & Tanker reports

  • Tire Management

  • 24/7 secure storage access & sharing of reports

  • Real time reporting & fleet health

Tests The Following

Tractor Output Test: No Load, Tractor Output Test: Full Load, Air System Testing, Preventative Maintenance Inspections, Analog Pressure Gauges, Circuit Identification, Lighting & Electrical Circuit Testing, Assess Available Power

Product Warranty Information

LITE-CHECK products have a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor against manufacturing defects. All warranty services are to be performed at LITE-CHECK, Spokane, Washington. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.


Available Accessories For The Verifier 1020 

Tire Tool
3/8" Air Regulator W/ Bracket
7-Way Socket
313 power supply.png
325S Power Supply: 12 VDC
20 FT 7-Way Cable
8 FT. 7-Way Cable

Dimensions and Specifications


Electrical power:  12VDC

Compressed air, filtered, dry, 110 psi @ 10 scfm

Dimensions:  16” X 18” X 15” (HxWxD)

Features and Benefits

Increased Productivity

One person doing one trip around the trailer with one tool. Increase the efficiency of the inspection or repair on trailers. This reduces downtime and gets the trailer back on the road.

Accurate Diagnostics

The Lite-Check Verifier 1020  provides technicians with more data leading to improved accuracy in diagnosing and completing repairs. This alleviates the “trying a fix.” Technicians will know exactly what the problem was, what caused it, and how to fix it directly from the Inspector 920’s easily read display.

Improved Quality

When the technicians have more information about trailer ABS, electrical circuits and brake application, they can find the small issues before they become a major problems. This reduces the road costs and DOT violations.

Minimal Training Required

The Verifier's 4-line display provides technicians with easily followed instructions. This allows technicians of all levels to diagnose and repair ABS issues at an expert level. Online training videos available 24/7/365.

Increased Accuracy

Give the technicians more information so faults are repaired correctly the first time. Lowering the maintenance costs by reducing the amount of parts getting replaced waiting for the fault to go away.

More Information

When the techs have more information about the ABS, electrical circuits and brake application, they can find the small faults before they become a major issue. This reduces the road costs and DOT violations.