Get the most out of your Electrical, ABS and Air Inspections.

The VERIFIER is the ideal solution for mobile inspection and service trucks. The VERIFIER 1010 features bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity, accurate electrical, air and tire measurements and the ability to create custom inspections and operating procedures. Reports are automatically generated and available as they are produced through the easily navigable cloud site where visitors can read, print, and use the collected
data to create preventative maintenance plans.

Lite-Check’s VERIFIER Trailer Inspection System is the industry’s first full-featured digital inspection
system for collecting, organizing, storing and printing complete trailer inspection reports. Utilizing TMC recommended practices and FHWA guidelines, DOT compliant reports are generated immediately upon capturing electric, air and ABS data after one easy pass around a trailer.

The Verifier 1020 works along side with our
Verifier Fleet Inspection Management Software.

  • Verified DOT Inspection Reports Exceed TMC Recommendations

  • Before & After Pictures Show Repairs Fixed Correctly 

DOT Inspection Sample

Enables the technician to control, collect, organize and transmit all inspection and diagnostic data.

Securely stores inspection reports from the tablet, allowing them to be viewed, printed, or saved from any smart device.

verifier tire tool

The digital tire tool takes accurate digital measurements for tire depth and air pressure.

verifier tablet

verifier cloud storage 

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A single technician can complete a thorough
DOT trailer inspection including advanced
ABS, electrical, lights,
air, and brakes, in less than 30 minutes.

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real-time +
accurate data

Inspection report data is visible to managers immediately upon submission. Configurable reports can be generated on demand to identify any and all issues.

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secure cloud storage + access 24/7

All data submitted through the VERIFIER system is stored securely in the cloud. Data can be viewed and downloaded
from any PC, tablet, or smartphone with internet.

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The VERIFIER system provides organizations the ability to create consistent reports, inspections, and
repairs, even between multiple shops.

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