Easily diagnose any electrical,
air, or ABS issue with
a single diagnostic tool.


Accurately test the air
and electrical output of commercial
trucks, trailers, and dollies.


Take Control of Your Fleet!
The Verifier Fleet Maintenance
Management System provides complete
control and visibility of fleet inspections,
status, maintenance, and diagnostics.


Featured Lite-Check Testing Products

Inspector 920

Photo of the Lite-Check Inspector 920 Air, Brake, Light, and ABS Tester

The Inspector 920 trailer tester is a complete, all-in-one trailer diagnostic system which simplifies ABS, brakes, air, lights, and electrical testing. Providing a single technician the ability to perform a full inspection in one trip around the trailer.

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Output Tester

A simple solution to test the electrical and air output of tractors, trailers, and dollies including: ABS Power, Tractor ABS Lamp Operation, Air Delivery Pressures, and Low-Air Warning Alarm.

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Verifier Systems

The complete fleet maintenance management solution you’ve been looking for. The Verifier Fleet Maintenance Management provides managers complete visibility to their fleet maintenance system by incorporating automated and manual inspection steps into useful reports for the creation of purposeful preventative maintenance plans.

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The Lite-Check Mission

Provide industry leading maintenance solutions, customer service, and technical support that enhance the productivity and quality of the commercial vehicle maintenance industry.


The Inspector 920 is absolutely AMAZING!!! It has already paid for itself and all our Tech's love it. The people at LITE-CHECK were amazing to work with and were able to take care of all my concerns and needs. Thanks LITE-CHECK!!!!

Lucas CrossFrom Google Reviews

Not everyone likes to think they will need support when they buy a product. We have experienced only a few minor issues that support has been able to help us deal with right away. We receive phone calls to check on us to make sure the 920 is doing as it should, phones calls telling us it’s time to update & how to do so. That to me makes support priceless & the folks at Lite-Check have done an outstanding job of supporting all my folks here at Best. So, with all that I just want to say thanks for the 920, thanks for opening our eyes on a new & better way to do our jobs & thanks for the support & confidence you build with your customers in knowing we have folks we can count on should we need them.

Stacy, CDM/EBest Logistics Group

The LITE-CHECK equipment is great! It expedites the process of inspecting lights and ABS faults and time is money.

DonnyUtility Trailer Manufacturing Company

Love the alarms to lets you know when there is a short or open. The ABS diagnostics make short work of finding problems before they are a problem. We check stored codes at every service and can find intermittent problems before DOT finds them. The remote makes checking brake adjustment twice as fast as before. The Tech can operate all aspects of the brake system while under the trailer.

StaceFood Services of America

I bought the Inspector 920, well worth the investment!

John LaSpadaFrom Google Reviews

We have 450+ trailers to keep serviced for our customers. Time saved has paid for the unit in less than a year.


The Lite-Check Vision

Change the future of the commercial vehicle maintenance industry through innovative diagnostic and inspection tools that simplify and streamline the process.